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Season 3: 2020

Well, we are back on Zoom for this week's show with Zac and Barrett, and special guest, Mike Dillon from the Cocky Talk Podcast! We open the show this week with some talk about Gamecock sports with all of the changes that they have gone through, as well as upcoming sports, with Basketball and Baseball just around the corner. After the break, Zac and Barrett discuss entertainment, news and some politics.

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Recorded in the G.O.T. Sound Studio, Barrett, Zac, Trent, and featuring Nique The Geek together, in person, in the same room, nearly socially distanced. This week we all sat down around the table to just have a good coming together conversation. We didn't stray into anything specific, but had a good time and some good laughs. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review!

Hey! Make sure to check out our apparel at the top of the page!

We know it hasn't been that long since you heard the show, but we're back on our normal show time. This week we discussed our reactions to the announcement that Former-Vice-President Joe Biden has become the President-Elect, and Senator Kamala Harris is now our Vice President Elect! These are truly historic times. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review!

This week we are back for a special episode, mainly because tomorrow is the 2020 Election, coming to an end, but also because the three of us haven't been together in a long time. We discuss the Election, some sprots, as well as our predictions on what November 3rd, 2020 will bring. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review!

Welcome back to another full episode of the pod! This week, Barrett, Zac and Trent get into all of the politics, sports, and entertainment that some how fit neatly; tightly. The debate was a debacle. The president has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and taken to be treated at hospital. Jaimie Harrison and Lindsey Graham have a debacle-debate on stage, and some NFL games get postponed due to, we assume Covid. We talk about a lot and more. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review!

Shorts Episode #2, Barrett, Zac and Trent jump on to talk about our expectations on the first of three debates. It quickly falls into sports, but we come back around. Thank you for listening. Thank you for listening. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review!

This week, Zac, Trent and Barrett welcome Zac's Sister from the Same Mister, Shelbie King.
We are back at it after a couple weeks of vacation, but ready to discuss some of what we've missed, as well as some of what's fairly new. Thank you for listening. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review!

Enjoy this "The All About Nothing: Podcast Shorts! With this shortened episode. You'll hear one or two segments specific to the weeek.
This week, Barrett (sans Zac and Trent) discusses news that broke late Thursday and Friday, about Pres. Trump having canceling a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Northern France, being quoted as saying, "Why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers."
Also, Barrett discusses voting, voter registration, polling workers and more. For information on becoming a Poll Manager or Poll Clerk, visit Power The Polls. This election requires maximum participation in ever facit.
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This week, Barrett, Zac and Trent welcome our special guest Taylor King, Singer/Artist from the North Carolina based band, Your Mama's New Boyfriend!
Make sure you head over to Your Mama's New Boyfriend for all of the details, videos and links to the band.
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